Another historical piece of internet is dieing.

As you may know Geocities is closing.

Back in 1996 Geocities was "the free host" even one of my first website was hosteb by Geocities. At that time yahoo and altavista were the "two search engine giants". The first was a "selected source" of websites (like a sort of yellow pages), it was not so easy to be accepted into their database, while the second was an "everything is good" search engine.

I'm pretty nostalgic of that period, internet was a place for many but not for all, and it was felt like a "serious place" were everyone was an equal. Today internet is much different, it is mostly a giant mall full of entertainment. And they are trying so change it more, making some sort of "cable tv" canceling the net neutrality, removing the freedom and equality of its inhabitants.

I don't know what the future will bring, I'm just sad of what we've lost.