Hi all

I am Federico Improta also known as Kirys an Electronic Engineer with an innate and insatiable curiosity about tech and <cyber>security.

I was always attracted by computers and technology in general, but my passion really skyrocketed when, as a kid, my father showed me that I could do much more than games on my trusty Commodore 64C.

In 1996 I met Linux and the (early) web, so in 1999, after a brief history of Freeware development, I started developing web sites in PHP. And with those came my first experience with security attacks. So I grew up as a developer really focused on quality and security.

Even though, with time, I changed tech and languages, monitoring and managing security was an important driver in all my works. I also wrote some tools to help me monitor my websites.

This eventually brought me into a <cyber>security focused job (vulnerability management and incident response).

But even though security awareness lights up everything I do, my hobbies are more into the physical world.

My favorite “toys” are my two 3D Printers that help me build countless things, about half of them I designed by myself and, with time, I’ll put some of them on this web site.

No matter my age and job, I crave to learn new things and in technology there is always some amazing new topic to discover.

On this website you can find my two blogs: one in English and another one in Italian where I share my thoughts about computer, eletronics, developing, information/cyber security and technology in general.

All the opinions on this web site are my own and don’t rappresent my employee.