Waiting for my perfect phone

It seems that regarding tech, especially smartphones, I'm too demanding.

Actually I am an unsatisfied owner of a SonyEricsson P1i, I like the size (not too big but still readable) and the keyboard. The interface is nice because it's usable with both the fingers and the included stylus but it's numerous bugs and lack of third party software make the software a real pain.

If the o.s. of the P1i wasn't that bad it would have been a perfect smartphone.

But actually I could not find an alternative to my P1i in Italy.

The iPhone is not linux friendly and I don't really like the chassis and interface, and here you have to buy an expensive plan to own one of those.

Nokia's Symbian S60 phones: the S60 is much stabler that the UIQ counterpart, and have a lot of third party software, but the interface of the phones I've tried is just not enough "finger friendly", the phone are too bulky for being keyboard-less, moreover the only one that meet my taste (the N95) is thicker that 2cm!!

Android seems promising enough but the interface is still too young and needs some more improvements, a big step forward is HTC Sense interface but the Hero it's too bulky and just (IMHO) ugly, the Tattoo it much nicer but the smaller display (when you have only the on screen keyboard this can be a serious issue) and the missing multitouch bring it out of the "ring".

The blackberry is much bigger than my P1i but its display is much smaller that the one of my P1i, I don't want a full qwerty keyboard like that if i have to sacrifice display size.

Palm Pre seems very nice but I need yet further investigation on this device (and its price).

In conclusion on the Italian market there isn't yet a smartphone that meets "my standards", so indeed I'm too demanding ;), for now I've to stay with my buggy P1i, but the competition that it's lighting up the market will bring some great new products soon.