Rilego first phase: a JEComics Clone

I took a decision, the first milestone of Rilego will be mostly of clone of JEComics.

It will use most of the algorithm and filters used in JEComics reimplemented in the new architecture I'm designing.

To do this I'll use all the same libraries of JEComics v0.9.0, except for JavaPNG a lib that I used to avoid a bug of the ImageIO library with some PNG files (cause it is not availabe in any public maven repo).

The second step is to make the first testes with the multithread engine and check the results.

For the future the plan is to improve the overal quality of the output and add support for as many devices as possible (hoping to have some help from the users).

Anyway I'm still far from the first milestone, you can follow the progresses at the project page.