Privacy is not just a word

Privacy is one of those concepts that for most people are not really understood.

Most people don’t read privacy policies and terms of services of the various websites/apps they use, moreover many of the ones who do read them don’t understand their meaning, and between the ones who do understand them most don’t really have the freedom to choose to accept them.

Most of the time TOS and Policies are endured and not accepted, this is because if you don’t use those services you are cut out of the world. I don’t have a WhatsApp account and neither a Facebook account and this means that I am cut out from most social interaction. When asked why I don’t have WhatsApp “since it is free” I answer that: “I would not mind to use WhatsApp if the price was only a fair amount of money”, for me the price of using those services is too high and there are also many, more privacy wise alternatives, like Signal.

There is a person who never contacts me simply because she only communicates via WhatsApp and Facebook, so I understand the price of my choices and why most people just don’t want to know what happens with their data, nevertheless I consider this a form of violence from those companies that uses the unawareness of the most to force the others into submission.

Be aware of your privacy choices and choose consciously.